Brakes Cullompton

If you are noticing problems with your brakes in Cullompton, get in touch with our family-run garage today. At Culmstock Garage, our team of skilled mechanics have experience in repairing and testing brakes on a range of vehicle makes and models. Our service is quick, efficient and excellent value for money, and we promise to get your car back to its best condition in no time. Your brakes are so important for your car’s safety, so if you suspect there is a problem, we recommend getting them checked sooner rather than later.

So, if you are based in Cullompton, Culmstock, Tiverton or the surrounding areas, give us a call on 01884 840570 to book your vehicle in.

Insured and Guaranteed Work

At Culmstock Garage, all of our work is insured and guaranteed. When you leave us, you can be sure that your vehicle has been repaired expertly using the latest equipment and technology. The services we offer include:

  • Pads and discs can wear over time so we can replace them using only high-quality parts.
  • Shoes and drums maintenance.
  • We can inspect your wheel cylinders.
  • Check over your calipers and pipes.
  • Examine the hydraulic hoses and fit any new wiring.
  • Change or top up your brake fluid.
car break inspection

Reliable Inspections

Your road safety is very important to us, which is why we offer reliable inspections. By inspecting your brakes regularly, we can identify problems before it becomes a costly replacement. Our vehicle specialists can fix the issue on-site and for a great price.

Contact Culmstock Garage Today

If you require our services, contact Culmstock Garage today. We can diagnose problems quickly, and we will expertly repair your brakes. If you need us to inspect your car in Cullompton, Culmstock, Tiverton or the surrounding areas, give us a call for your free quote.